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At Umbrella Insurance, We’re Proud Of Our Track Record For Helping You With Your Insurance Approvals – Whether The Applications Are Simple, Complex Or Non-Standard.

But we value your privacy more than our bragging rights.

So, while you’ll find our case studies below illustrate how we’ve successfully helped clients get the cover they need – we’ve protected their details just like we protect their businesses.

COVID-19 & Insurance

While Australia has been relatively protected from the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-2019), many businesses have been disrupted due to travel, import, and or export restrictions.

The purpose of this paper is to explain and warn that general insurance is unlikely to provide the protection that it does for traditional risks such as fire, burglary, or storm. This paper looks at business interruption insurance, a similar one about travel insurance is available. The paper describes the following:

  1. Business Interruption
  2. Risk Management Tips


Download the full paper here.

Clear Communication Resolved Home Indemnity Stalemate

Our client was a builder whose application was deemed unsuitable for approval by the insurance provider because of an unfavourable history.

The builder’s prior troubles had been caused by a third party. They contacted several other insurance brokers, but no one was able to assist.

Paul’s approach was to take the time to gain a greater understanding of the events that had put the builder off-side with the insurance provider.

He then communicated the full details of the situation to the insurer, making sure they understood the full story.

Once the insurer was in possession of all the facts, there were no further delays and the builder had their insurance application approved.

Perseverance and persistence lead to complex application approval

This builder had a complex home indemnity application that had been through many twists and turns over a six-month period.

Paul’s knowledge of underwriting meant he was confident the application could be approved, so he persisted with the insurer on the client’s behalf.

He worked with the client to address each issue as it arose and persevered with the application. Eventually, they resolved all the sticking points and the builder’s application got over the line.

Proactive policy reviews delivered premium savings

This new client belonged to an association. They asked Paul to carry out a review of the covers they held, and the related premiums.

Paul was able to provide them with a more cost-effective, enhanced policy.

Paul also improved their position by identifying and amending an error in the selected work classification.

Policies consolidated and placed under one umbrella

One of our clients had insurance policies with three different insurance brokers, making it harder to stay on top of the cover and renewals.

After meeting with the client and demonstrating our capabilities in their industry, they decided to consolidate their insurance program.

They reduced the time and effort spent dealing with insurance issues by placing all their policies with us, in one place.

Since then, we have enhanced other existing insurances and introduced new services to help protect their business.

Confidence from the right cover supported business growth

Another builder we worked with referred this client to us. The new client had plans to diversify their activities, so they needed our Builders Insurance expertise to manage contract reviews.

We worked closely with them to ensure the correct cover was put in place to meet the requirements of the principal’s contracts.

The client was able to pursue and achieve new business goals and, since then, we’ve watched their business flourish.

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‘We’re construction insurance specialists, so whether you’re a builder, engineer or architect seeking cover for $5m or $100m, we have the underwriting expertise to help you achieve it.
Our experienced team has the industry know-how, and the flexibility, to manage all your business insurances in one place or…under one umbrella!’

Paul Mencev, Principal

We found Umbrella Insurance extremely efficient at a great price and loved the quality of service. They are a local business with a fast response time and a commitment to ensuring the best price.

Rosanna Stiles, Accounts Manager (Stiles Electrical)